Who We Are

MI & LU is a family-run company, owned by the husband-wife-duo, Bealis and Jacob Burger. The name was inspired by the names of their twin boys, Micah and Luke.

Bealis’ love for fashion and individuality sparked the beginning of MI & LU. She wanted a way to help women carry confidence around with them wherever they went. So that got her thinking…
Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, Bealis remembered the beautiful Mochila bags from her childhood. As a young girl, she saw the women of the Wayuu tribe carefully weaving the colorful bohemian bags. No one bag was ever identical to another, making each bag as unique as the women who weaved them.
That’s why Bealis chose the Mochila bag as the first item of the MI & LU collection. Bealis and Jacob value the art of expression through clothing, and they want every bag to be as priceless as you are. From curated collections to high-end packaging, you can expect only the very best from MI & LU.
Because individuality is a beautiful thing, and your MI & LU bag will be every bit as unique as you.